Black & White - Brian Higgins
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Secessit Columpna

As I approached yet another causeway on my way to Key West I decided to pull off the road and found this retired pier that had seen better days. I walked about looking for a composition to shoot that suited my fancy and couldn't help but feel the scene was just to complicated. So...I extended my tripod to full length, a little over 6 ft tall, attached my camera, and slid over the side into the warm water. As I settled my tripod down into the silt my camera remained perched about a foot above the water. As for me I was neck deep, having sunk a good foot and a half into the soft silt below. I steadied myself as best I could, composed, and took this shot with my remote control shutter release held above my head. By getting into the water, and removing the top of the pier from view, I feel I eliminated a distraction, ending up with a shot that was quiet, and simple with more elegant lines that invites the viewer in.

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