Landscape - Brian Higgins
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Twilight in Venice Beach

I arrived to a very sunny Venice Beach Florida, a few hours from my home, around 4 in the afternoon. Very sunny. As in...not a cloud in the sky. And normally that's a good thing, but not when your shooting sunset photography. You see it's the clouds in the sky, lit up by the sun, that make for spectacular west coast Florida sunsets. Rather than head for home instead I set out for the Venice Beach Fishing Pier a few miles up the coast. Still no clouds...but I had another idea. I waited until the sun set, for lights to come on, and for stars to appear. Back lit by a rising moon behind me I took this long-exposure of this twilight pier.

VenicebeachfishingpierFlFloridanightimenightshotstarslightslightedoceancoastcoastalcloudlesscolor2015Octoberusfallsonya7r16_35longexposureTwilight PiercopyrightBrian HigginsBrianHiggins