Street - Brian Higgins
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Near Field

Florida Polytechnic College of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math...or device that communicates with other worlds?
Choosing Santiago Calatrava's other worldly design of Florida Polytechnic for my first architectural shoot may or may not have been the best idea. Until you see this creation up close and personal, and walk every inch of the place, you can't truly understand the genius of the man who designed it. Every step, every angle feels like a journey into a vision of perfection. I just hope my humble attempt did it some small measure of justice.

Florida Polytechnic UniversityFlorida PolyFloridaPolyarchitecturalarchitecturedesignSantiago CalatravaLakelandFL2015Septemberuswaterreflectionreflectingpoolsonya7r16_35Brian HigginsBrianHiggins